29 Nov 23

Primary Awards

Newsletter | Primary Update

The following children received an award from their homeroom teacher. These awards are presented weekly and are given for many reasons. Some students also received Christ-like Character Awards (CLC), which are awarded on a term basis. These include good work habits in the classroom, being a positive role model to others, modelling excellent behaviour, encouraging their peers, using PeaceWise techniques, and many more.

Let’s congratulate the children below for modelling our Core Values and Christ-like Character. 

Sargun K Shaurya S Nimar B Myrampreet K
Georgia T Abeer K Samreet Kaur W Charlie P
Amyra K Nyibol D Charlie M Aaryan N
Riley M Janice K Owen H Indi C
Agam G Ire O Liam O Alexandra R
Charli A Ambreen K Charlie P Eloise G
Zermyn D Romana M Peyton M Eli T
Sriha G Ava L Nate F Eunice K
Zeanna S Chelsea W Everly S Tessa J
Gabriel C Kaysha M Aria R Jax G
Japji S Haris G Jonathan B Athian D
Michelle A Nila N Gursifat M Apsara P
Rubani K Sienna P Amelia M
Dante H Thomas L Akon D
Nathan N Malina K Jasmine K
Ajak K Manvir S Samrath G
Caleb B
Jasnia T
Nihith V


Prabh T Kurtis L Jax C
Alexander A Cara B Maya G
Myrrh H Enzo E Anthony F
Gabriel V Shaylah D Rebecca K
Elise B Nate J Rebecca H
Adrina G Olivia D Maddie R
Eldana T Levi W
Natalie H Isaiah H
Sophie Y
Riley D
Audrey J
Ella D