7 Oct 22

Primary Key Events

Newsletter | Primary Update

Amazing acting! Wonderful singing! Colourful costumes! Excited faces! Smiles galore! It was impossible not to be in awe of what the primary children achieved as they performed “Madagascar – A Musical Adventure Jr.” The learning that the children achieved through this process is important. They learned to work as a team, they learned self-confidence, they learned to dance, they learned to sing and many of them learned that they have a talent in the area of the performing arts.

I would personally like to thank all the staff who helped to weave together 511 students into one show. I would like to thank you for your support by attending the performance, helping with costumes and enduring what was probably hours of listening to the songs at home. And finally, I must thank the children for the way they participated and gave it everything they have. We are all so proud of them and the way they represent Melton Christian College.

There are quite a few things coming up in term four. It is important that you all keep an eye out for all communications – via the newsletter and via emails. Here are some key dates to help start your planning:

  • October 10 to October 14 – Prep swimming program
  • October 10 to October 14 – Years 5/6 swimming program
  • October 17 to October 21 – Year 1 swimming program
  • October 17 to October 21 – Years 3/4 swimming program
  • October 24 to October 28 – Year 2 swimming program
  • October 31 – MCC Special Holiday
  • November 1 – Melbourne Cup Public Holiday
  • November 16 to November 17 – Year 4 Camp at Sovereign Hill
  • December 2 – Primary Orientation
  • December 6 – Primary Celebrations
  • December 7 – Year 6 Celebration Day

As always, if you have any questions, please contact your child’s homeroom teacher – but more information will be provided on the above things as the time gets closer.

I pray we have a blessed term four as we work together to end the year successfully.

Jodie Vamplew, Head of Primary