4 Mar 22

Primary Leadership

Newsletter | Primary Update

On Thursday 24th February, the Year 5 and 6 students attended the 2022 Primary Leadership Team badging ceremony. It was wonderful for the successful candidates to be able to invite parents and carers to the event. 

The process commenced back in November 2021 – when students nominated to be candidates for either Primary Captain or House Captain positions. House Captains all delivered a speech to their peers, followed by a democratic system of voting using a ballot paper. Primary Captains also delivered a more detailed presentation to the Year 5/6 teachers and Mrs Vamplew, plus they answered questions from the interview panel. It was an exciting assembly early in December – when the successful candidates were announced. 

That lead us to last Thursday – when our Primary Captains for 2022 – Amos and Eva, delivered great speech to all assembled. Mrs Jodie Vamplew opened then event with a welcome and a prayer. Mr David Gleeson spoke about the Biblical model of leadership, and that to be a great leader, one has to be the servant of everyone. 

Students were pleased to be presented with their respective leadership badges and followed up their commitment to the role by reciting a pledge: 

I will encourage others to always try to do their best,  

and will always give my help when needed.  

With God’s help, I aim to be a great role model  

and to demonstrate our school values. 

This is really a statement that all students at MCC could commit to – wouldn’t that be a great thing! 

As Year 5/6 Coordinator, one of my roles is to work with the Primary Student Leadership team throughout the course of the year, investing into the lives of these talented young people with leadership training, event management, public speaking skills and always trying to make school a fun place to come to. We have coined this term ‘fun-raising’ and hope to achieve that throughout the year. 

If you are person of prayer, please pray for these students as they step-up to help lead our Primary students in 2022: 

House Captains

Caleb House: Ella C. & Levi G.

Daniel House: Jazmine S. & Zach M.

Gideon House: Charli C. & Saanvi S.

Joshua House: Hayul K. & Max H.

Primary Captains

Eva K. and Amos L.


Mr Glen Strange, Year 5-6 Coordinator