15 Mar 23

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Our staff plan their lessons thoroughly to ensure that your children are continually progressing and adding to their knowledge. Hopefully, your children come home and share the learning that they have done each day. As MCC staff, we are in the blessed position of being able to see how the children progress from the beginning of their formal learning in Prep to the end of their primary learning in Year 6. We get to see how that learning changes and advances over these seven years.

Here is a snapshot to show you the exciting growth in learning between a Prep student and a Year 6 student:

Prep Year 6
LITERACY – READING AND PHONICS Blend sounds and read high frequency words Determining the important ideas in a text
LITERACY – WRITING Learning how to use adjectives Creating written persuasive texts
MATHEMATICS Learning what a pattern is Using estimation strategies for large additions and subtractions
HASS Sharing information about their grandparents Key people who were a part of the Federation
BIBLE The Tower of Babel Learning how different people respond to God’s Word
JAPANESE Counting to seven in Japanese Read and write the first five lines of hiragana
ART Secondary colours Create a street art poster using chalk pastel and oil pastel
PERFORMING ARTS Tempo Learning how to play the C chord on the ukulele
PHYSICAL EDUCATION Jump and hop in a straight line Learning the skills needed for my chosen sport of Volleyball, Cricket or Tennis
HEALTH AND HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS Recognise the beginning of conflict God wants us to forgive as He forgives
DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY Parts of a computer Learning to attach files to Canvas
FOOD TECHNOLOGY Healthy Apple Sauce Muffins

Isn’t it exciting to know that we all play a part in this learning journey.

Jodie Vamplew, Head of Primary