1 Mar 23

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Newsletter | Primary Update

We encourage all our children to see themselves as leaders. Leaders have the potential to guide and influence others. Children lead when they model good behaviours for others, when they encourage others with their words or actions or when they discourage someone from doing something that may harm them or someone else. Some of our students will become a Primary Captain or a House Captain. The only difference with these leaders is the responsibility that comes with their roles. It doesn’t make those children without a recognised leadership role any less important as role models. As Henry Ford said, “You don’t have to hold a position in order to be a leader.”

This week our primary captains and house captains attended a Christian Leadership Conference for primary leaders. Our children will seek to make a difference at MCC and are looking to put into practice the information they heard at the conference.

Here are some of their reflections:

• Jack – Don’t give up easily and be faithful.

• Nyah – Don’t get tired of doing the right thing.

• Foliki – Try and do the unexpected. “Backwards” leadership will be key to my own leadership.

• Rayani – Don’t just tell people what to do, demonstrate it.

• Molly – Personality and character mean a lot to you and to those around you.

• Ayen – “Backwards” leadership is when you do the unexpected, sacrifice and remain faithful even when it’s hard.

• Seth – Leadership is not about what you do, it is the way you do it.

• Royal – Love your enemy. You before me, sacrificial. Show, don’t tell. Doesn’t matter if you’re a leader or not, you can still lead. Not giving up, faithful. Leading is unexpected.

• Sidhak – Backwards leadership is unexpected and your character shows more than your personality.

• Kuir – Be faithful and loyal to God, and love others as yourself.

Imagine a world where all leaders embodied the above. Our children want a world like this and it starts right here with them leading the way. Let’s never lose sight of the potential in each child – God has set aside a great purpose in each one. Let’s help them to discover that.

Jodie Vamplew, Head Of Primary