15 Feb 23

Primary News

Newsletter | Primary Update

The first two weeks have flown by and I wanted to share what I have noticed in that short time.

I see:

  • Children who are walking into school calmly
  • Children who are proudly wearing our uniform correctly
  • Children who are listening to their teachers
  • Children who are engaged in their learning
  • Children who are playing successfully together
  • Staff who are excited to have the opportunity to work with your children
  • Staff who are dedicated to providing the best lessons that they can
  • Staff and parents forming positive relationships for the benefit of their children
  • Parents who are asking questions for clarification, because partnership is important to them
  • Parents who are reading the MCC Handbook for guidance

We are so blessed to have the above things happening at our school. Let’s pray that the year continues in this way and thank you for doing all you can to support us.

We have some things coming up over the next couple of weeks:

  • Thursday 16 February – Years 3 to 6 Swimming Carnival
  • Friday 17 February – Hockey incursion
  • Friday 17 February – Year 6 Interschool Sports Round 1
  • Friday 24 February – Year 6 Interschool Sports Round 2

We have also announced our 2023 Primary School Musical – The Little Mermaid. Our production will take place at the end of term three and more information will be shared with you at the start of term three. But, it is something to look forward to.

We have made a change to our weekly encouragement awards. As a college, our core values are important to us. We want our children to know these core values, to display these core values and we want to reward those children who are continually modelling these. To show the importance of these values, we have renamed our weekly encouragement awards to our Core Value Awards.

Two children from each homeroom will receive an award for consistently displaying one of the college’s five core values:


We are excited to be able to reinforce these with our students in this new way.

The students who received these awards this week were the following:


Jaxon B – 6A

Max N – 6A



Nandini K – 1A

Alexander S – 1A

Noah D – 1B

Lavinia A – 2B

Akram H – 2C

Mia R – 2C

Aabha K – 3B

Khush P – 4A

Brendan L – 6B



Nirol B – 1TV

Naomi D – 1B

Elizabeth B – 3A

Aluel K – 4A

Daniella P – 5A

Franky S – 5A

Sophia V – 6C



Fatehbir S – 1C

Willow H – 2A

Jai S – 2B

Natalie H – 3B

Denzel N – 4C

Ryder S – 5B



Clara R – 1C

Aaylah C – 1TV

Biekhaichai – 2A

Aiden O – 3A

Adrina G – 3C

Eldana T – 3C

Cara B – 4B

Amelia G – 4B

Bentley J – 4C

Reece H – 5B

Shereen S – 6B

Harrison S – 6C

Jodie Vamplew, Head of Primary