4 Mar 22

Primary Teaching and Learning

Newsletter | Teaching and Learning

Our desire at Melton Christian College is to guide all students towards growth and intrinsic independence in their learning, with the hope to nurture their full potential in Christ.

Our teachers are completing Numeracy and Literacy testing with every student across all year levels to establish the scope of learning abilities in the room. This data helps teachers differentiate their teaching to suit the needs of every student and improve their learning outcomes. As we continue to develop our understanding of each child’s individual needs, we continue to work with our parent body, teaching team and students towards growth and development. This is not merely academic growth, but growth of the whole child. 

Our Primary Literacy Intervention Program in Year 1 assists those students who have gaps in their literacy skills as a result of our last two Covid years. The reinforcement of these key foundational skills is essential in the younger years.  

We have also started our Academic Coaching Program on Tuesday afternoons. This is by invitation only and students may be requested to participate for either support or extension with their learning. 

With continual research about best teaching and learning practice, we have recently purchased new literacy resources for use in Primary classrooms. These include decodable readers focusing on phonics and differentiated comprehension and guided reading resources. These resources will supplement our existing programs and play a vital role in helping to move our students forward.  

With a new year comes new opportunities for learning and development. We pray this for every child at the college and look forward to partnering with you on this journey.  

Jill Monnik and Lydia Palmieri, Primary Teaching and Learning Coordinators