10 May 23

Primary Update and Key Events

Newsletter | Primary Update

Being given the opportunity to contribute to our fortnightly newsletter allows me the chance to continually reflect on the wonderful things happening in our College.

We have the following exciting events coming up:
• Thursday 11 May – Mother’s Day Celebration
• Friday 12 May – Year 1 excursion
• Monday 15 to Wednesday 17 May – Year 6 camp
• Wednesday 17 May – Prep and Year 2 History Box incursion

The above events highlight our Core Values of Community and Passion for Teaching and Learning. We have the privilege of being able to invite our mums along to participate in some classroom activities and then share in a beautiful morning tea. The children and staff are really looking forward to welcoming you into our college. Incursions, excursions and camps support our teaching and learning and provide a different learning environment for our children – enhancing what they are covering during their weekly lessons. Use these activities as a springboard for discussions with your child. What did you see on your excursion? What is one new thing you learnt today? What fear did you overcome at camp? What was your favourite activity and why?

I pray that all our mums and mother figures have a wonderful day on Mother’s Day.

Jodie Vamplew, Head of Primary