4 Feb 22

Our Core Values

Newsletter | Principal's Message

Welcome to our many many new families who have joined us this year. And welcome back to all our families who we already love.

The start of a new school year is the opportunity to reaffirm our identity as a school community. New families, new learners, new staff and yet an old, old identity. Thirty-five years of Christian schooling in Melton means we have been doing this for a looooong time, and we provide steadiness and stability for families.

Whoever you are, whether a parent, a student, or a staffer, you are this College community. You and me and all of us are Melton Christian College. We are community. So, we need to know our community values, because to fit right in, and to represent the College well, we must live these five core values:

  1. Christ Centredness
  2. Excellence
  3. Community
  4. Respect
  5. Passion for Teaching and Learning

To make that easy to understand, here they are stated another way:

  1. Christ Centredness means we are people who respect the teachings of Christ. We speak and behave according to those teachings.
  2. Excellence means that MCC community love to do our best. We attempt our best in all.
  3. Community means that we are people who look out for each other. We care for everyone in our wide College community.
  4. Respect means that MCC people value other people; we respect others.
  5. Passion for Teaching and Learning means we are fanatical about schooling. We love learning.

I am excited about this year of partnership between our staff and our parents where the shared values will unify our efforts for the benefit of all our students.

mr David Gleeson, Principal