1 Feb 23

Principal’s Welcome

Newsletter | Principal's Message

Welcome to the 2023 school year. Our school is growing.

Because our school is growing, we are bringing in new staff. Some of those new staff are teachers, some work in admin or other non-teaching roles. All of our new staff, whatever their roles, are people who participate in shaping the culture of the College. College culture is critical. Culture is what makes our school feel the way it feels.

So, when new staff join the team at Melton Christian College, whatever their role, they are formally inducted. Induction helps them learn the systems and the protocols.

However, because all staff, whether teachers or not, build and shape the culture of the College, all staff must understand their identity as members of the College. So, more important than learning systems and protocols, induction must guide new staff to speak and behave as members of the long-established MCC-team. In other words, they need to know who they are now that they are us.

So, what is it that defines a member of this College community?

The answer is that true members of this College community truly reflect our Core Values. The Core Values of the College are for all of us no matter what other differences we might have. So whether we are teaching- or non-teaching staff, whether we are parents or even students, we show we are committed to our five Core Values: Christ-Centredness, Excellence, Respect, Community, and Passion for Teaching and Learning.

What a wonderful set of Core Values for our College to embody. We can proudly put these principles into practice.

Parents and staff, let’s work together to exemplify Christ-Centredness, Excellence, Community, Respect, and Passion for Teaching and Learning, and let’s partner together to help our children and students to do the same.

David Gleeson, Principal