3 Jun 22

Q and A With Our College Captains

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What inspired you to run for the Captainship?

Elizabeth: I have always had a passion for this school. I want to make it a better place for students and to help the younger students grow. I have wanted to get involved in the activities that the school runs and make a positive impact. With this goal in mind, I believed that God inspired me to run for this position and serve the school and it through this position.

Mikayla: I decided to run for school captain because I love helping people and inspiring others. I chose the role because I saw it as an opportunity to step up, get to know new people, and help them in any way I can. I have always been a very shy person. So, I chose to go for this role to inspire people, who are also shy and feel uncomfortable when public speaking, to just go for it and do their very best.

What do you want to accomplish while in the role? 

Elizabeth: Something that I want to accomplish in the role of school captain is making a positive impact on someone, whether it be a parent, student or even a teacher. I want to help others in some way and to show them God’s love.

Mikayla: Being one of the school captains, I would love to accomplish helping others and giving back to Melton Christian College, specifically helping new students and the younger year levels. I would also love to accomplish setting an example to the other students and to inspire them to be the best they can be. I want to make sure that the students feel comfortable here at Melton Christian College, and to know they can chat to me anytime.

What traits do you believe are most important to leadership, and why? 

Elizabeth: The trait I believe is the most important to leadership is serving. I believe serving is important in leadership because it is the example Christ gave throughout his life. This is also something I have been taught growing up.

Mikayla: I believe some of the most important traits in leadership are the Core Values at Melton Christian College: Community, by helping and looking out for others, Christ Centredness, by respecting and behaving in accordance to Christ, Excellence, by doing your best no matter what, Respect and respecting others, and having a Passion for Teaching and Learning, for myself and for others. There are also other important leadership values, those being communication that will help build and inspire others, empathy, and patience. Initiative also embodies leadership, as it allows a leader to take responsibility. These are some of the most important values as they grant understanding and allow them to assist and promote others around them to grow and prosper.

What ‘job’ (as a School Captain) are you most excited to undertake in 2022? 

Elizabeth: The ‘job’ that I am most excited to undertake in 2022 as school captain is the opportunity to talk with parents, younger students and other people who come to events held by MCC and learning more about them and their story.

Mikayla: As one of the school captains for this year, I am looking forward to working with the other leadership members and helping the younger year levels grow and develop. I am particularly excited about doing the devotions for the year sevens, as well as helping in the garden party and giving the younger year levels a chance to have fun, make fond memories and meet new people.

How have you been inspired by previous School Captains? What did they teach you?

Elizabeth: I have been inspired by the previous school captains to be more involved in the school and its events. They taught me the value of talking to young students, helping them, supporting them, and really showing them God’s love.

Mikayla: Previous leadership members have inspired me by how confident they are and how easy-going they are. They have taught me the importance of having that leadership figure and knowing that them having that role allows other students to approach them and have a conversation with them.

How do you hope to be remembered by your fellow students? 

Elizabeth: I hope to be remembered by my fellow students as someone who was approachable, willing to listen and someone who would help in any way they could.

Mikayla: I would love to be remembered as someone easy-going and someone who is easy to approach and discuss things with. I would love the other students to remember me as someone who made their journey here at Melton Christian College more enjoyable and as someone who helped give voice to the student body.

What are your plans for after graduation?

Elizabeth: My plans after graduation are to join a university, preferably Deakin University, and complete a double degree; either the Bachelor of Arts and Education, or a Bachelor of Science and Education, and as well as taking up learning another language.

Mikayla: I would love to go to university after graduation and go into one of the science areas. I would also love to do some volunteer work in various places.