17 Jun 22

Q and A with Our College Vice Captains

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Get to know our College Vice Captains, Monique B. and Rees T., in this Q and A.

What inspired you to run for the Captainship?

Monique: At first, I wasn’t quite sure I would be right for the role of a senate member. After some teacher and peer conversations, I had changed my mind and gave it a go. They had full confidence in me that I would do a great job and that was the push I needed to run for it.

Rees: I don’t always have the confidence to go in front of an audience and share why I should become school captain, but what inspires me is the confidence that I have inside of me which gave me the courage to speak in front of friends and teachers.

What do you want to accomplish while in the role? 

Monique: I want to be able to make school a more enjoyable time for students. A lot of students don’t always look forward to coming to school. I want to help change that attitude and help them want to be here and have a great time.

Rees: I want to support the captains every step of the way. This is because the captains are going to need assistance from their vice captains in any situation.

What traits do you believe are most important to leadership, and why? 

Monique: I think being able to listen to other people’s views is really important. Those views may help your ideas become even better or spark some new ideas to help others.

Rees: Teamwork. Working together to help accomplish small things and big things.

What ‘job’ (as a School Vice-Captain) are you most excited to undertake in 2022? 

Monique: Just being a person any student can come up to and ask for some help.

Rees: Supporting the Captain in whatever activity or task is given to us.

How have you been inspired by previous School Captains? What did they teach you?

Monique: Having good leaders is important. Without a good leader you don’t have many good outcomes. Being a leader, more people look up to you than you may notice.

Rees: Don’t take your role for granted.

How do you hope to be remembered by your fellow students? 

Monique: I hope to be remembered as fun, caring and someone they can come to if they need anything at all. I hope to be remembered as a friend more than a leader.

Rees: As the student you tried their best at what they do.

What are your plans for after graduation?

Monique: I plan to do further education in dog training and obedience via TAFE courses, as well as take a makeup course and become a makeup artist for my mother’s photography business.

Reese: Going to Federation Uni and doing Early Childcare.

What is something your fellow students might not know about you?

Monique: Becoming part of the senate and a vice school captain wasn’t always on my mind. It was due to encouragement from many people. I applied, got the position and this amazing opportunity.

Rees: I’ve been at this school since 2009 and most teachers have known me since then. Something no one knows about me is that I’ve been at this school for 13 years and that almost all my friends in my year level have been at this school for less than 12 or exactly 12 years.