26 Apr 23

Reflecting on the Significance of ANZAC Day

Newsletter | Secondary Update

As we embark on the second term of this academic year, I am delighted to welcome you back to school. I hope everyone had a restful break and that you are all feeling refreshed and ready to continue learning and growing together as a community.

This term, we had a significant event happen yesterday on the 25th of April, ANZAC Day. It is an essential day for us to remember and recognize the sacrifice made by our armed forces and honour the memory of those who gave their lives to protect our country. It is important to remember that these people made the sacrifice to protect the freedoms that we enjoy today. As we remember the sacrifice of these soldiers, we also remember the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus Christ, who suffered a terrible death so that our sins would be forgiven and we would enter new life with Him.

ANZAC Day also reminds us of the importance of coming together and supporting each other in times of need. As we reflect on the significance of ANZAC Day, it is an opportunity to remind ourselves about one of our Core Values – Community. Together, we have the ability to create an inclusive and supporting community that encourages everyone to strive to become their best selves. Our continued focus on Community has allowed us to establish a strong partnership with our parents and local community. It has also enabled us to create a nurturing environment where everyone feels valued, respected, and safe.

Looking forward to a wonderful term ahead.

Derek Bendall, Head of Secondary