29 May 24

Road Safety

Newsletter | Primary Update

Dear Parents,

We would like you to help educate your child on the importance of road safety. It is important that this is taught repeatedly to your children so that they can be safe on and around our roads. Children are at risk because they act on impulse, they have difficulty judging speed and distance and they can also be less visible to drivers.

The following information is from the TAC website and should be used to help our children be safe.

Please take the time to talk to your children.

Pedestrian safety for children

  1. Set clear limits for places that they can walk safely. Find places away from streets, driveways or parking lots and choose locations such as fenced areas, parks and playgrounds.
  2. Practice how to cross the street safely in everyday situations such as going to the shops, visiting a friend or going to school. Always set a good example by crossing a street safely and using road crossings where available.
  3. Teach your child to get in and out of the car on the kerbside avoiding the dangers from passing cars.
  4. Teach kids not to play at the back of cars and to look before crossing driveways so they can see reversing vehicles.
  5. Teach them to follow the basic elements of crossing safely using the Stop, Look, Listen and Think approach to crossing the road.
    This is:
    1. Stop one step back from the curb
    2. Look and listen for traffic
    3. Decide if it is safe to cross the road
    4. Keep looking and listening while crossing.

Thank you for doing your bit to keep all of our children safe.