1 Mar 23

Secondary News

Newsletter | Secondary Update

You would have heard us say that we want to grow every one of our students in all areas of life; that marks and test results are important, but our Core Value of Excellence is much broader than just this. We want to see students excel and be excellent in all areas of school life. Well, this week, students had the opportunity to show excellence in the swimming pool.

Whilst Tuesday was overcast and slightly cooler than previous days, this did not deter our secondary students from jumping into a cold pool to do their very best and competing for their respective houses. Students swam in official events like freestyle, butterfly, and backstroke;, however, there were also novelty events that students could participate in to gain house points, like cork dive and pool volleyball. There was lots of cheering from the side, drums being played, and house chants being sung by every house member. As always, it was a great day with a positive atmosphere.

Well done to Mrs Kerri-Anne Ciarniello and the secondary staff team for the organising and running of this successful day.
Well done to all the students who participated and swam for their house teams, who showed excellence by doing their very best in the pool.
And, well done to Gideon House, who through their participation numbers and their house spirit, came first on the day.

Derek Bendall, Head of Secondary