15 Mar 24

Secondary Swimming Carnival

Newsletter | Sports

On Tuesday, 20 February, we held our annual MCC in-house Secondary Swimming Carnival at Melton Waves. Year 7-12 students participated in a range of events, including freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, house relay, inflatable relay, staff relay and novelty events. Participation in these events allows students to earn points for their house whilst also gaining entry into the division swimming team if successful.

It was our first carnival with the new house logos and new house colours. Joshua’s house colour used to be white, and now it’s green. Last year, we had two house captains for each house, and this year, we have included one vice house captain. Our sporting leadership team put their heart and minds into the preparation for the event and, on the day, trying to promote inclusiveness and heighten the sense of community and culture. We are very proud of these students for upholding the school’s core values with pride.

It was great weather, the sun was shining, and the students found the inflatable race to be the highlight of their day. Although many students participated, there could only be one winner.

1st place – Gideon
2nd place – Joshua
3rd place – Daniel
4th place – Caleb

Thank you to all the staff and students for your participation and assistance throughout the day. It was great to see the College come together to celebrate as a community.

Kerri‑Anne Ciarniello​​​​
Secondary Sports Coordinator