29 Feb 24

Senior Leadership Retreat

Newsletter | Secondary Update

On the 12th of February 2024, the picturesque Homestead in Eynesbury set the stage for the Melton Christian College Student Leadership Retreat. It was a day filled with inspiration and camaraderie as the Student Senate and House Captains came together to refine their leadership practices and set a vision for the school in 2024.

The retreat, held against the backdrop of beautiful Eynesbury, provided the perfect environment for students to delve into discussions on leadership, which showed our Core Value of Excellence and their commitment to teamwork embodied in the College’s Core Values of Community.

The highlight of the day was the culmination of the event, where Year 12 Senate members bravely nominated themselves for the position of Senior College Captain. Each candidate delivered a compelling speech showcasing their passion, dedication, and vision for the future of Melton Christian College.

We are delighted to announce the leaders who will guide us through the academic year.

Senior School Captains

  • Sarah McPartland
  • Michael Clayton

Senior School Vice-Captains

  • Angel Paglinawan
  • Alastair Taylor

Senate Members

  • Sarah Shawel
  • Harpreet Singh
  • Lila Newcombe
  • Heleana Maher
  • Nimesh Sharma
  • London Dermott
  • Yer Dhieu
  • Melanie Muleta

House Captains
Joshua House

  • Kinley Howie (Year 12)
  • Deon Katena (Year 12)
  • Jas Kaur (Year 12, Vice Captain)

Caleb House

  • Sahil John (Year 12)
  • Sarah Akter (Year 12)
  • Noah Wilson (Year 11, Vice Captain)

Gideon House

  • Maia Stalker (Year 12)
  • Kaelin Aguila (Year 12)
  • Deng Deng (Year 12, Vice Captain)

Daniel House

  • Bethany Garwood (Year 12)
  • Vihara Gunasinghe (Year 12)
  • Jarred Mills (Year 11, Vice Captain)

Congratulations to all the appointed leaders. It is great to see that the Senate has already started their vision with Senate Assemblies commencing under their leadership last week. We look forward to a year of growth, collaboration, and the embodiment of Melton Christian College’s core values in every endeavour.

Derek Bendall 
Head of Secondary