15 Mar 23

Spotlight on Staff

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Hello, my name is Jadine Denise Naidoo, and I am one of the new receptionists at Melton Christian College. I was born and raised in South Africa, grew up in New Zealand and moved to Australia 12 years ago. English is my first language, and my accent is quite interesting, so I’ve heard. I have had more than 10 years of customer service experience, and I have worked in many different industries before I started this role such as (hospitality, sales, retail, beauty, and pharmacy). I am a qualified makeup artist and I also have my qualification in ICT and Support and Supply Medicines in Pharmacy. I grew up with a passion for performing arts and loved dancing, and music from a very young age.

My mother Sharron Naidoo also works at the school, so many students know me as Ms Naidoo’s daughter. My MCC journey started last year when I decided to step away from Retail and move towards working in Administration and working with children. I have always enjoyed helping people and found that I always had a lot of compassion and empathy towards others. My caring nature did not belong in the world of Retail and Sales, and I always felt that it wasn’t the right career path for me. I felt that part of God’s plan and purpose for my life was to be a part of a Christian school and community, to be a vessel for God to work through me and to continue to show others Christ’s love and qualities through my work every day.

Jadine Naidoo, Receptionist

Hi MCC community! My name is Natalie, and I am one of the faces you will see at reception. I am a mother of two; my children’s names are Tommy and Abby. I enjoy spending time with my children outdoors and exploring nature with my dog Digger. I enjoy going to Bunnings on the weekend and adding to my collection of plants.

I started my MCC Journey last October and have loved it ever since. I look forward to getting to know you all throughout my time here. I have previously worked in childcare doing various roles, from being an assistant educator, to running a room, to being in the office.

During my short time working at MCC, I have loved being a part of a wholesome community and amazing workplace.

Natalie Benitez, Receptionist