12 Jun 24

Students Shine on Outdoor Ed Overnight Hike

Newsletter | Secondary Update

Last week, Melton Christian College’s Outdoor Education program offered our secondary students an unforgettable experience: a 24km hike over two days through the breathtaking landscapes of the Great Otway National Park, culminating in a night under the stars in tents. This challenging yet rewarding journey was not just a physical endeavour but also a demonstration of the resilience, teamwork, and exemplary conduct that define our student body.

Our students embarked on the hike with enthusiasm and determination, covering the rugged terrain with remarkable stamina. Over the course of the hike, they faced various challenges, from steep climbs to navigating through dense forest areas. However, at no point did they waver in their resolve. It was heartening to witness how they supported each other, ensuring no one was left behind. Whether it was sharing supplies, offering words of encouragement, or lending a helping hand over tricky sections, the spirit of camaraderie was palpable.

Throughout the hike, the students exhibited the core value of excellence that Melton Christian College prides itself on. Their positive attitudes were unwavering, and not a single complaint was heard, even when the going got tough. This resilience and mutual support are a testament to the strength of character our students possess.

The night spent under the stars was a highlight for many. Setting up tents, cooking meals together, and sharing stories under the vast sky provided not only a break from the physical exertion but also an opportunity to bond and create lasting memories. Despite the challenges of an outdoor overnight stay, our students demonstrated great responsibility and respect for the environment and each other.

I had the pleasure of speaking with our bus driver during the journey back to school. His praise for our students was enthusiastic and heartfelt. He remarked on how respectful and well-behaved our students were, noting a distinct difference compared to students from other schools. He shared that while he often declines jobs driving for other schools due to behavioural issues, he never turns down an opportunity to drive for Melton Christian College. The exemplary conduct of our students makes his job enjoyable and stress-free.

This feedback from an experienced professional who interacts with numerous schools is a proud moment for our college community. It reinforces the positive impact of our values-driven education and the exceptional character of our students.

In conclusion, last week’s Outdoor Ed overnight hike in the Great Otway National Park was more than just an excursion; it was a powerful demonstration of the excellence, respect, and community spirit that define Melton Christian College. Our students returned not only with a sense of accomplishment but also with strengthened bonds and cherished memories. We look forward to more such opportunities where our students can continue to shine and embody the values we hold dear.

Derek Bendall
Head of Secondary