2 Sep 22

Studio Arts Excursion

Newsletter | Secondary Update

Last 18th of August the year 12 Studio Arts students attended a variety of galleries and alternative art spaces within Melbourne CBD. This was an exciting time where students gained insight on how artists present their work in exhibition spaces and helped them gain an understanding relating to their “Art Industry Contexts” SAC.

Students visited the NGV International to view “The Picasso Century”, Flinders Lane Gallery and a variety of art spaces.

“The street artwork of Meyers place, Strachan, ACDC & Hosier Lane were really vibrant, lively and colourful. It was cool to spot some street artists I recognise.” Julia

“Hearing the backstories behind the paintings and seeing how they relate in context and meaning was intriguing. Seeing artists from different backgrounds coming together was inspiring.” Megan

“It was great to see Picasso’s work in person. I really appreciated being able to see the scale and shine in the artworks up close. Seeing Matthew Guy from parliament was an unexpected surprise.” Lucas