19 Oct 23

Values in Action

Newsletter | Primary Update

We are only three weeks into Term Four and not only have we already packed a lot into it, we still have a lot of exciting things coming up. We can’t wait to see what your children learn through these activities, as well as the usual teaching and learning that occurs in a classroom.

Our Core Values are important to us. They contribute to who we are as a college community and guide us in what is important. I love being able to share with others where I see the Core Values in action. Here are some examples from the last couple of weeks.

  • Christ-centredness – the many children who say hello during the day and continue their greeting with, “God bless you.” They know the significance of this special blessing over the people that they are talking to each day.
  • Community – large school events like swimming cannot happen without the support of a whole community. We value the parents who can attend and help, we value the staff who walk to and from Genesis each day and we value the students who represent our college well to the wider Melton community.
  • Excellence – children who wear their uniforms proudly and correctly – including hats.
  • Passion for Teaching and Learning – walking into a Year 1 classroom in the morning and seeing all the students looking and listening to their teacher’s instructions.
  • Respect – seeing a young girl that the teacher was holding the door open for step in and hold the door open, so that the teacher could pass through before her.

We are truly blessed as we have the privilege of caring for your children.

Here is a reminder of some upcoming events:

  • Swimming lessons for Years 1 and 2
  • Rugby union event for selected Year 5 and 6 students
  • Rugby union event for selected Year 3 and 4 students
  • Coach Approach

Please continue to watch for extra information from your child’s teacher. Much of this information will be included within your child’s Canvas page. We strongly recommend that you look at this weekly; otherwise, you may run the risk of missing something important. Any questions can be directed to your child’s homeroom teacher as the starting point. Together, we ensure success for each other.

How wonderful and pleasant it is when brothers live in harmony! Psalm 133:1 (NLT)

jodie vamplew, head of primary