29 Feb 24

We Love Our School

Newsletter | Toolern Vale Update

“We love our school” is what you will see, hear, and experience in many ways around our college – and we really do, don’t we! Ever wondered why our school is so special? Let me share why I love Melton Christian College.

Firstly, everyone here cares about you. It’s not just the teachers; it’s everyone. From the people in the offices to those in charge of maintenance and the uniform shop, we all care about you and your child. We want to help and support them as they discover their unique place in the world. We’re passionate about helping students become brave and curious learners. We desire that each child discovers who they are and where they belong within the goodness of God’s creation.

We believe that everyone is equally important and valuable, no matter our differences. From the principal and staff to students and families, we uphold a culture of mutual respect and honour, championing the notion that each person is deserving of appreciation.

We understand and acknowledge that all of creation belongs to God, and He cares about everything. That’s why we involve God in every part of our school, inside and outside the classroom. His teachings guide all that we do and every decision we make.

I would love to hear about what makes Melton Christian College special to you – send me an email or stop and have a chat.
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What a special place to belong to. Yes, we really do love our school.

Kellie Giannes
Head of Campus (Toolern Vale)