20 May 21

Weep with those who weep

Sarah Quinto | Well-Being

One of the writers who contributed to huge parts of the Christian Bible was a person called Saul of Tarsus. In his later life he was later known as Paul. Now we know him as Paul the Apostle, or often he is referred to as Saint Paul.

During his life, Paul the Apostle wrote thousands of words of guidance for Christians. Although he wrote thousands of words, let me quote just I’ve of his words. Only I’ve words among so many, yet these few words carry such a huge message as you will understand. Paul said:

“… weep with those who weep.”

You might have heard those words in everyday conversation. That phrase has become a colloquialism.

Paul’s instruction to weep with those who weep is a call to empathy. He directs us to empathetically share the sorrow of the sorrowful. He insists that we care enough about one another to be brought to tears on one another’s behalf.

Right now, in world news we are troubled by the troubles in India. There is much weeping right now in India, and we who are Christians are called to weep with those who weep.

Beyond that, and yet closer to home, when I think about the cultural/racial composition of our College community, with so many of our children and their families having Indian-Australian cultural backgrounds, I am even more compelled to feel compassion for India’s current Covid plight.

It is right that we share the sadness of our Indian-Australian families. It is appropriate that we weep while the whole world looks on in fear and in shared-pain at India’s current suffering especially because so many of our beautiful College families are from India. Some of our people come from the most hard-hit regions and cities, where family members of our families may be suffering or perhaps even dying because of the pandemic. We as a College community under Christ, weep with our Indian-Australian families, and we pray for God’s protection over their extended families back home in India.

God, the Author of Life allows us humans to imitate him in his capacity as Creator when we form communities and families. The bonds of love that connect us to our families and our communities are a gift from God. When we unite, and the Lord’s love forms the glue holding us together, then we flourish.

Let’s obey this gentle teaching of Paul the Apostle, and generously weep with those who weep. Let’s teach our children compassion and empathy and coach them also to care for others in their hour of sadness.

David Gleeson