29 Feb 24

Why It Matters That We Are a Christian School

Newsletter | Principal's Message

Dear Parents,

It is hugely significant that we are a Christian school.

It is more than just nice that we are a Christian school. There are nice attributes; we are a kind school, a caring school, a school of excellence, a school where the children feel safe and where they belong. Those things are lovely, but I would go further and say that those lovely attributes are not incidental; everything good and lovely about our school is because we are a Christian school.

All the great aspects of our school, all the things we appreciate and that make so many families want to attend our school…those attributes are actually because of the Christian-ness of our school. Being a Christian school isn’t a bonus add-on. It isn’t an optional extra. Being a Christian school is the exact thing that makes our school the lovely, steady, safe and secure, caring place that it has become.

I put it down to the teachings of Jesus.

Our teachers put the teachings of Jesus at the forefront of everything they do. And in fact, it isn’t just our teachers who do this. I myself, as principal, our senior leaders, the Board of Directors, and all our staff, from aides through to maintenance, do this. We all put Jesus’ guidance at the forefront of everything we do. And that makes the difference.

You see, the teachings of Jesus are pretty interesting. The statements He made are often counterintuitive. Let me show you just two examples.

Jesus said, “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.”

Wow, that statement is counterintuitive as well as countercultural. Being meek means standing aside for others. Meekness is selflessness. Oh my goodness, our whacky society is telling young people not to be selfless and meek, but to be selfish and mean! Social media says get mad, not mild. There’s an assumption in society that to get ahead, you have to push others aside. Jesus’ message is the opposite of that. Instead of saying push others aside so you get all that you want, Jesus says, stand aside, let others go first, and you yourself will end up inheriting the earth.

Here’s another statement He made, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God.”

How wonderful to be a child of God. This statement teaches us so much because children are like their parents. Well, if a peacemaker is a child of God, and children are like their parents, then logically, making peace must be what God is like. Perhaps you can see why we staff are so devoted to learning more and more about Jesus and what He taught.

Every now and then, the media and other observers express negative opinions about Christian schools. That is always disappointing because it shows narrowmindedness. We, who are insiders as parents and staff at a Christian school, know just how important it is that our lovely school maintains its unique identity.

Of course, nothing is perfect. We all have faults and flaws, but despite our failings, there is an undeniable special something about our school, a direct result of us being Christian.

David Gleeson