5 Aug 22

Year 10 Work Experience Program

Newsletter | Secondary Update

The Work Experience Program at MCC is offered to all year 10 students to give them a feel of ‘working life’ and to give them insights into the industry they are interested in as a career pathway. This year, we had 100% success in securing work placements with 25% being offered casual employment after their placement. Well done to all the parents who helped and encouraged their children to network and secure placements; and a big thank you to some parents who went an extra mile and offered students work experience spots in their own businesses. Overall, we had just over 60 businesses across Victoria that we worked with this year. Here are a few of the numerous success stories from this year’s program.

‘Work experience was a fabulous opportunity for every individual in our cohort to explore potential career pathways and to learn, explore and discover the possibilities in a future career path in their chosen field.  This week I attended the office of Steve McGhie, who is our member of parliament. I have an in-depth interest in the world of politics and law and the ways in which those in this industry help others in need, and fight for social justice, and it is of this that I hope to study and pursue this industry in the future.

I felt incredibly nervous arriving on my first day of work experience, though my nerves dissipated once I was greeted by Mr McGhie’s lovely staff, and I immediately felt welcomed and accepted. Over the course of the week, I assisted those in the local Melton community by helping them fill out their $250 government electricity rebate, and I went to an aged care facility and helped residents complete this also. I created a brochure that will be used at the upcoming Youth Forum event focusing on Youth rights in the workplace. I sat in with Mr McGhie’s speech writer and personal assistant and I saw first-hand the preparation that goes into an interview alongside the editing process. I attended to those who came into the office with various queries and saw how wide-ranged and variety of matters that are handled by our local MP’s office. I also had the privilege of writing Mr McGhie’s Member’s Statement which he delivered on Tuesday the 3rd of August and will also be heading into Parliament where I will be experiencing Question Time first-hand and having a tour around the Victorian Parliamentary building!

I loved my work experience placement, it has given me a real insight into what my daily life could look like if I was to pursue my chosen career path, and it is an opportunity that I will never forget.’ – Sarah M, Year 10

‘I started out super nervous for work experience, I had no idea what to expect. I was going to a radio station – Bacchus March Community Radio, and I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing. I walked in and handed in my forms, and we got right down to business after I had been showed around and made to feel comfortable. I was offered the opportunity to be trained for a radio segment of my own. We studied defamation and I pre-recorded episodes for practice, after that, I was offered the opportunity to present ‘live’ that Friday! I had been trained for only four days and I was given an hour and a half to present. I had such an amazing time. I’ve now been offered my own weekly segment for three hours.

I am so appreciative for the experience I’ve had, and I’m so glad that I was able to obtain this amazing opportunity. It is because of this experience that I’d really like to encourage people to do work experience, especially by finding a placement somewhere you’re interested, as you may end up being offered opportunities and gateways, just like this.’ – Tia C, Year 10