10 May 23

Discovering Techniques for Molecule Manipulation, and Exploring Photosynthesis and Biochemical Pathways

Newsletter | Secondary Update

Last Friday on the 5th of May, our Unit 3 Biology students went on an excursion to KIOSC STEM Discovery and Trade Training Centre at Swinburne University. We left school quite early to get there for a 9.30am start.

The program comprised of two sessions, both equally important for future SACs.

Tools and Techniques for Molecule Manipulation
The first session had students apply their knowledge to the structure and function of the DNA molecule to examine how molecular tools and techniques can be used to manipulate the molecule for a particular purpose.

In this area of study students investigated the tools and techniques that can be used to manipulate DNA, explain how biological knowledge is applied to biotechnical applications, and analyse the interrelationship between scientific knowledge and its applications in society.

Photosynthesis and Biochemical Pathways
In the second session, students analysed the structure and regulation of biochemical pathways and investigated factors that affect the rate of photosynthesis.

Our students thoroughly enjoyed the excursion and gained valuable insight into their current studies as well as science studies in later years at a university level.

Josephine Roy, Biology Teacher