3 Jun 22

Year 12 Halfway Day

Newsletter | Secondary Update

Each year, Melton Christian College takes the opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the halfway mark for our Year 12’s. The day started with an engaging and informative session by Elevate which explored mindset and setting personal goals. Our Year 12’s were challenged to think about how they were approaching their final semester and future plans. Elevate explored helpful beliefs that can increase academic performance such as “top marks result from actions, not I.Q”, “it’s never too late” and “developing a growth mindset”.

Students then participated in small goal setting groups before a Q&A session with Mr Gleeson. In the afternoon, it was a fun and relaxing time at Melton Indoor Bowling. We love every opportunity to build our core values of community and excellence, and these were reflected throughout the day’s activities.

We are privileged to work alongside our Year 12’s as we prepare them for success, and we look forward to continuing this moving into their last semester of secondary school.

Barry Ibrahim, Year 11-12 Coordinator