5 Aug 22

Year 5 Weekaway Camp

Newsletter | Primary Update

School camp is one of the highlights of childhood – chances are you can still remember some of the campfire songs, outdoor activities and the smell of damper cooking from when you were a child.

Students from Year 5 have the exciting opportunity to attend Weekaway Camp nestled at the base of the Macedon Ranges last 13-15 July. Camp taught our amazing students many life skills, lessons and the developing of better character strengths. The activities at camp taught students to think out of the box, as the activities were unique and thrilling in their own way. We are looking forward to next year’s Year 5 camp in 2023.

‘What I loved about camp the most was the flying fox and canoeing. It was daunting when on a canoe as we thought we were going to capsize many times. The flying fox was amazing was I love heights!  What an amazing experience!’ Rayani G.

‘Year 5 camp was amazing! I loved the setting out of our cabin rooms. I enjoyed cooking damper in front of the fire and enjoyed being with my friends. Year 5 camp will always be remembered as been the best school excursion in all my years.’ Anureet L.