9 Aug 23

Year 7 Melbourne Museum Excursion

Newsletter | Teaching and Learning

The Year 7 students went on an excursion to the Melbourne Museum on 2nd August to learn about the First Nations people and how they lived on the land, their homeland. We have had and continue to have the understanding that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are Australia’s indigenous peoples. They are not a single group, but rather hundreds of groups, each with its own collection of languages, histories, and cultural traditions. We saw several images of indigenous art and photographs of First Nations people.

There were many artifacts in the exhibit that informed on how they lived and did things in the ancient days, even though in these current times we would have used clever technology and electricity to perform these things, such as starting a fire. We had to twirl a stick in a pot and this spark would ignite and we had to blow at it, but nowadays we could just take a lighter or a match and have a fire in a matter of minutes!

In this exhibit, we came across many different people’s tales, some of which were heartbreaking, some of which we were delightful to hear, and others of which were just telling us about how they survived using natural resources.

As a personal opinion, I had a lot of fun with my friends visiting these exhibitions and I assume so did everyone else. Exploring new things is just a different way to say having fun, but in an educational way.

Navneet D, Year 7 Student