20 May 22

Year 8 Camp and a 20km Hike

Newsletter | Secondary Update

Year 8 MCC students and teachers recently completed a 20km hike along arguably the world’s most spectacular coastline. We were accompanied by staff from Baptist Camping Victoria for the overnight camp. The trek began at the famous Bell’s Beach where the legendary waves were attracting a good crowd of surfers.

The theme of the camp is Perseverance, and with several visits to both the beach and the Surf Coast’s clifftop lookouts it is definitely required. The physical nature of the trek also gives students the opportunity to encourage their classmates, and at times, their teachers. Along the journey the BCV staff provided information on interesting natural features of the area along with ways the land was used and managed by indigenous people.

Arriving at the camp site on dusk the theme of Perseverance was again on display as the students were not provided with a prepared meal. Working in pairs they needed to prepare their own dinner by mastering the art of cooking with a Trangia. They have been encouraged to prepare a similar meal regularly at home.  The evening concluded with a thought-provoking Devotion on Perseverance from the BCV team, a visit from a local kangaroo and some much needed sleep.

In the morning the students were responsible for packing up the camping gear and cleaning the camp site before setting off on the final 5km leg of their trek. It is hoped the leadership, resilience and organisational skills shown by the students who completed the walk serves them and the wider school community into the future.

Phil Ryan, Secondary Teacher