22 Jun 23

Year 8 Camp Highlights

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We wanted to share some of our Year 8 camp experiences with you. Each Homeroom took turns heading to Angelsea and camping overnight at Eumeralla Scout Camp. We stayed there for just one night and two days, but it was still a very adventurous experience. Spending time with our classmates was very memorable and our class enjoyed it overall. Three MCC staff and two Baptist Camping Victoria staff assisted us and encouraged us throughout the whole camp. We completed two days of hiking; one was 6km and the other one was 14km. Both days of hiking were very challenging for both of us because we aren’t used to walking such far distances, and we aren’t used to carrying such large backpacks!

We cooked our own dinner on Trangia stoves, and the food was very delicious. We learned the word ‘spondonicle’ – the implement you use to pick up a hot pot or lid from the camp stove. 8B enjoyed sitting around the warm campfire in the evening, drinking hot chocolate, making s’mores, having a laugh, and telling facts about each other that we never knew. We also were very heart-touched by Mrs. Zelenak’s journey with God that she had shared with us all.

We walked through part of the Otway National Park and Bells Beach. The views of the beach from the park were so beautiful – everyone was admiring it. When we got to Bells Beach, our class had so much fun running away from the waves and laughing as someone fell into the water. We soon forgot some of the difficulties such as getting water in your shoe, crying in pain, carrying heavy bags, and suffering from the heat. We all persevered and made it all the way. The best part about our hike was that we shared this experience with our classmates, and we had each other’s company to make the hike more enjoyable. We still remember our class’s joy when we arrived at the destination, but we are most happy about how we all had a go at hiking and persevered.

Sabella A and Markita M, 8B