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15 Nov

The Earth is the Lord’s

Dear Parents, What defines our College? We have wonderful students, engaging programs, vivacious staff, affordable fees, academic success, a secure feel, an energizing office team, a sense of belonging, and deeply committed parents who love it that their children are truly free to learn at this school because of the firm but fair discipline our teachers put in place. Well, that’s great, and what is it that makes the College like that? Let me tell you. We have five Core Values. The Core Values of the College determine what we do, and how we do it. You can tell real MCC people because they exemplify our Core Values: 1. Christ Centredness – MCC people follow the wisdom of Christ and imitate His kindness 2. Community – we look after each other, so we show care towards each other’s children and families, at MCC we have each other’s backs 3. Excellence – we do our best in everything we do, even little things, even when it gets hard 4. Respect – respect permeates every MCC conversation, even when we disagree on things 5. Passion for Teaching and Learning – MCC people love learning, we love our school, we love fair discipline, we love kids and families, we love good teaching, we love research and questions, we love finding answers, we love Christian education, we love life! That’s us folks! That’s why we have waiting lists. That’s why people want to get into the school.

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