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11 Sep

Growing & Developing

Growing and developing is our core business as an educational community. God tasked His very first image bearers, Adam and Eve, with the role of stewardship: to grow and develop creation in faithful obedience to Father God (Genesis 1:26-28; 2:15), and we get to share in this work. We are designed to do life together, in community. And when a community partners together and is aligned in shared purpose, the community flourishes. Although we are in different places and learning in different spaces right now, we remain aligned and connected in our shared purpose. And while it may feel like we’re far from flourishing, I want to encourage you to not mistake this season as ‘unproductive’. It might feel like learning is happening too slowly, but I would like to be bold and suggest that deeper learner is happening. Seeds and bulbs sprout up, seemingly overnight, but lots happens below the surface that we cannot see before the bloom springs forth. But one thing is for sure: activity and transformation is taking place before we get to see it with our own eyes. Just like the rate of blooming varies between types of seeds and bulbs, the pace of learning varies between learners. The power of ‘wait time’ is essential. It allows learners time to ponder and wrestle and it is a value part of the learning process; it cultivates richer and deeper learning. A key part of a teacher’s role is to

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07 Aug

Online Information Session

Our virtual School Information Sessions are your opportunity to experience everything Melton Christian College has to offer, from the comfort of your own home. Each session will include a short talk from the Principal, Mr David Gleeson, and Heads of School to help you understand our learning approach and what makes Melton Christian College unique. A Question Time and Virtual Tour of the campus with the Principal will follow. Bookings are essential.   2020 DATES 9:00AM - 10:00AM Tuesday 28th July, 2020 - Online 9:00AM - 10:00AM Tuesday 11th August, 2020 - Online 5:00PM - 6:00PM Tuesday 20th October, 2020 - Online   BOOKINGS Bookings are essential. To register for a session, please register here: College Tours   ...

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31 Jul

Deep Hope for Learning

It shouldn’t surprise you that our team is deeply passionate about…teaching and learning…! Our teachers are committed learners. We are curious. We ask questions. We reflect. We wonder. We imagine. We Hope. We are curious about God’s creation and all its parts. And we invite students to be curious learners about creation too. We ask probing questions to uncover assumptions and biases. We do this so we can be better leaders of learning in our classroom communities We reflect on our practices with the objective to hone our craft. We do this so each student in our care is included in the learning journey. We wonder about each student‘s gifts, and how we can contribute to the formation of their character. We imagine rich learning experiences, and we invite students to imagine what they want their learning to look like, feel like and sounds like too, and we hope; deeply. Some of our teachers have recently been reflecting on their Deep Hope for their learners - your children. Deep Hope extends further than the intellectual knowledge and understanding students develop as they progress through a unit of work and towards an academic learning goal. Deep Hope is more than the application of  kills students practise until they get the hang of it, or even become a master. “...Aim comes out of program…it is task-oriented. Deep Hope comes out of a different story…Deep Hope is about

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16 Jul

Every Challenge is an Opportunity

Primary Teachers at Melton Christian College have the privilege to teach and care for students in a Christ-centred environment. This year, the coronavirus interrupted normality and teachers abruptly had to “change gear” and upskill in several different areas to continue to provide excellence in teaching and learning. Creativity and flexibility were essential as our staff faced an unknown and unfamiliar path. One of our teachers, Terri Naude, has known her fair share of challenges in life. She has taught in South Africa with limited technology and in New Zealand and Australia with abundant technological resources. She believes children are at the heart of Christ-centered education, and for her, teaching is a calling. Years in education have made her value young people and their potential. She believes that every child can learn and that learning takes varied forms and is as individual as the children themselves. During the last online learning experience, Terri overcame the challenges of using technology such as Canvas and creating PowerPoints with voice-overs. She would imagine her students’ faces when creating PowerPoints and challenged herself to make the learning experiences as interesting, varied and engaging as possible. She wanted them to encounter success (the great motivator), to increase and improve attitudes to learning. Terri believes that online learning provides many opportunities…but of course it will never replace interacting with students face to face. Parents and teachers alike need to remain resilient and positive and work together for the sake of our children

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28 May

Extra Long Distance Learning

While all of our students have made the transition to At-Home-Learning, not all have had to overcome long-distance obstacles like one of our Year 8 students. Jasnoorpreet, currently in lockdown in India due to the global pandemic, was interviewed by Homeroom Teachers Mr Phil Ryan and Mrs Linda Karman, and Year 7-8 Coordinator Mr Barry Ibrahim.   Firstly, can you tell us why were you in India? We came over her for a holiday, as it was my aunts’ wedding. When did the news come that you were not able to come home? We were going to come back on 28th of March, but the lockdown happened, and we found out then. How did that make you feel? I was shocked and surprised and didn’t know what to do. We were only planning to be here for one month. What did you think about when you found out you couldn’t come back to school? That I wouldn’t be able to see my teachers and my friends, and that I would be behind in all my classes. You were obviously concerned about how you would keep up with school, what kinds ways did you think you could learn from overseas?  Were you thinking about that at all? I thought we could plan through Canvas, but at that time we didn’t have any internet. We decided to get internet over here so I could attend my classes. Your parents helped you by getting

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01 May

A Message from our College Leaders

Do your best not to compare what you are able to do with what other families might be doing. Comparisons will only rob you of peace. Do your own best, that’s all. Don’t try to do anyone else’s best; your best is all that is asked. Everyone’s best will look different and that is ok. As a Christian it is comforting to remember that God knows everything. Nothing surprises God. It is also reassuring to know that God tells us everything He needs us to know. That’s heartening, it means that worrying about the future is pointless. If you can, rest in the knowledge that God is in control. - David Gleeson, Principal.    Watch this video on our YouTube channel to hear a message from our staff and student leaders: We've got this!  ...

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24 Apr

Celebrating Anzac Day

One of the most symbolic days on the Australian calendar will be commemorated in a whole new way this year, with no dawn services or street marches, no two-up at the pub or family barbecues in the backyard. Instead, we’ll mark Anzac Day from our living rooms and driveways, as we remember them - the heroic armed forces.  Here are some ways you can mark our national day of remembrance at home: Live Stream Dawn and Commemorative Services The ABC will broadcast official Anzac Day Services throughout the morning. Tune in to the Australian War Memorial Anzac Day Service live from the Australian War Memorial in Canberra from 5:30am. There will also be a live 10am service from the Anzac Memorial in Sydney and a reflection video will be live-streamed across all ABC radio and ABC News Facebook pages at 11:30am. Light Up The Dawn RSL Clubs across the nation have come together to create a collective dawn service.  Thousands of Australians can be a part of the event by standing in their driveways (or living rooms) at 6:00am to Light Up The Dawn. Light a candle, stream the Last Post on YouTube (or play it on the bugle if you have one!) and get the neighbours involved to share a minute's silence and feel the community spirit. Go to to sign up. Fun for Kids Some great ideas to make with your children can be found at this website for ANZAC

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