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06 May

We Will Remember Them

MCC Celebrated ANZAC Day this year with a range of activities and services across Primary and Secondary School. Melton Dawn Service A group of Student Leaders attended the Melton Dawn service to lay a wreath next to the Melton War Memorial, along with many other community groups. This is a special time each year to join with our community to honour our servicemen. ANZAC Day Commemorative Service Run by our Student Senate, the service included a reading of The Ode, playing of The Rouse and The Last Post by bugler John Mansfield, and a video showcasing the Bacchus Marsh Ave of Honour. Special thanks to our special guests Councilor Bob Turner, Mayor for Melton City Council, Councillor Michelle Mendez, Councillor Sophie Ramsey, Councillor Ken Hardy, Emma Luhm, Adminstation support to Mayor and Councillors of Melton City Council, Mrs. Carla Richardson, Treasurer of the RSL Melton Sub-branch, Sergeant Laura Wolfe and Senior Constable Leigh Axford of the Melton and Brimbank Proactive Policing Unit, and the Melton Christian College Council members. It was wonderful to honour our servicemen, past and present, with so many key people from our community. Years 3 and 4 As part of the Year 3 & 4 ANZAC Day commemoration, we held our own service that included a hymn called ‘Abide with me’, a story called ‘A Day to Remember’, the Requiem and both the Australian and New Zealand national anthems. We related the service to the Bible passage from John 15:9-17. This spoke about how ‘there

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23 Apr

Where on earth is Mrs Monnik this year?

I made the decision to come to Africa for a year because I knew that there was a desperate need. Psalm 12:5 But the Lord says, "Now I will arise! I will defend the poor, thise who are plundered, the oppressed, and the needy who groan for help". I grew up in Africa with my parents who were Australian. They went to share the good news about Jesus. I have always loved Africa and her people. In 2015 and 2017, I made short visits in the school holidays to help with an organization called Hands at Work. Hands at Work reach the most vulnerable children in Africa. This year, my husband and I decided to take a whole year to volunteer with Hands at Work. We spent the first 5 weeks in South Africa, visiting the poorest communities there. We were then sent to Malawi for a month to a service centre where 8 local Malawians care for 12 different care points and over 800 children. Malawi is very beautiful but desperately poor. For example, when floods destroy houses, not only are houses destroyed, but cerebral malaria can take over a human mind and destroy reason and purpose for living. My husband and I have seen these disaters in action. What a privilege to be able to pray and bring a helping hand to a single mother of five children who had been through the severe floods in March and contracted malaria during the disaster. Helping her receive the medical attention she needed was a blessing!

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14 Mar

Working Class Man

Students from 6B recently enjoyed studying the story of Labour Day. They were so enthusiastic that they thought it would be good to design a play to communicate the story to the whole Primary School. A small group of students designed the script, another team designed the props, and yet another group looked after the technical side of the play. The story involved a group of stonemasons who were fed-up with working such long hours, and their families who were equally fed-up as well! A team of construction site bosses negotiated with the stonemasons to eventually (after a strike) come up with 888 – 8 hours work, 8 hours rest and 8 hours recreation. We added some songs – 'Working for the Man' by Roy Orbison and 'Working Class Man' by Jimmy Barnes, with one of our female singers rewriting a verse to reflect working class women as well. The play was summed up by celebrating what wonderful working conditions we experience in Australia – and that is something we could all be thankful for after Monday’s Labour Day public holiday. A connected Bible verse from the Old Testament was read to provide God’s perspective on work: 'There is nothing better for a person than that he should eat and drink and find enjoyment in his toil. This also, I saw, is from the hand of God.' Ecclesiastes 2:24 We thank God for our wonderful country and the great working conditions we experience. Congratulations to the Grade 6B students for bringing

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01 Mar

The Colours of Success at MCC

It is lovely that our staff take such an interest in what our graduates do after they leave MCC. I overhear the teachers speaking excitedly about different past students after they graduate, celebrating the courses or careers that they are now undertaking. Many MCC graduates go on to university, but not all. Some have other gifts and skills. How pleasing to see the photo of Blake Florrimell. He is a former MCC student who finished his secondary schooling last year. Blake was given an opportunity to join the army through a special induction program, and we are so pleased for him that he is making the most of that opportunity. Blake was one of our senior VCAL students. Many students pursue their senior secondary certificate through VCE: Victorian Certificate of Education. Others, like Blake, will work through the VCAL course. VCAL stands for Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning, and is a specialised course for those students who want to be ready to go straight from school into the workforce, an apprenticeship, or some other field such as defence forces. Admission to VCAL is not automatic. Students need to prove through Year 10 that they have the commitment and talent to be able to complete the project-based and workplace-based learning tasks. So, we celebrate with Blake, and all our graduates who move into the fields for which they are gifted. We work with all our students to help them discover and develop their God-given gifts for a life of service to the

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22 Feb

First Days of School in Prep

Our Prep students have started the year with great excitement and enthusiasm! It is always wonderful to watch the new students grow, not only into their uniforms, but also into the learning environment that is school. The first few weeks in Prep are all about settling students into the daily classroom routines. What happens at school needs to become predictable so that the children feel safe, supported and enjoy being here. Knowing what is expected of them and what happens throughout the day is really important for the children and their families.  In early lessons we focus on developing active listening skills and following instructions, as well as developing fine motor skills. We provided numerous opportunities for the children to practice name writing and do many cutting and pasting crafts relating to the phonograms and numbers we are learning about. During play times we focus on the development of social and interaction skills. Learning how to make new friends, negotiate and problem solve independently are important elements of play. The first few weeks are always exhausting for the children, parents and teachers; however, it is also an extremely exciting time as we begin the formal education journey together. Mrs Rachelle Grady, Prep Teacher.  ...

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11 Feb

Year 12 Aspire Retreat

In an ongoing pursuit of excellence, our Class of 2019 attended a full-day Study Retreat earlier this week. Held at the WestWaters Hotel complex in Caroline Springs, the retreat was for all Year 12 students, whether pursuing a VCE, VCAL or VET pathway. The theme of the retreat each year is ‘Aspire’. ‘Aspire’ means to lift, to reach. It is our deep hope that students are inspired to reach beyond perceived limitations to achieve their goals. At Melton Christian College, we believe that establishing a strong start for our students’ final year helps equip students mentally, physically and spiritually. The Aspire program, which is both intensive and engaging, included presentations from a variety of in-house speakers and invited guests: • Bec from OneGirl (, an organisation who help girls in Sierra Leone and Uganda stay in school • A past student panel comprising Micah Hocking (2017), Sarah Quinto (2014), Darren Quinto (2013) and Jeremy Chalker (2012); and • A speaker from Elevate Education on “Ace Your Exams" was also part of the line-up of excellent speakers. Conference sessions and activities covered areas such as vision and influence, senior school leadership, maintaining good study habits and health and wellbeing. Importantly, there were opportunities for our senior students to deepen their collegiality and teamwork, as these are vital elements of academic success. Feedback from students included: "This was such a great way to start the year!" "From now on I won’t let small setbacks define me"

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31 Jan

Open Day 2019

Are you wondering which school is the right fit for your family? At Melton Christian College, we understand that choosing a school community is an important decision. Our Open Days help you discover what is so special about our school! You will have a chance to tour the college, participate in activities, and meet our wonderful team. Bring your whole family! Click here for more information on College Tours.  ...

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