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01 Mar

The Colours of Success at MCC

It is lovely that our staff take such an interest in what our graduates do after they leave MCC. I overhear the teachers speaking excitedly about different past students after they graduate, celebrating the courses or careers that they are now undertaking.

Many MCC graduates go on to university, but not all. Some have other gifts and skills.

How pleasing to see the photo of Blake Florrimell. He is a former MCC student who finished his secondary schooling last year. Blake was given an opportunity to join the army through a special induction program, and we are so pleased for him that he is making the most of that opportunity.

Blake was one of our senior VCAL students. Many students pursue their senior secondary certificate through VCE: Victorian Certificate of Education. Others, like Blake, will work through the VCAL course.

VCAL stands for Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning, and is a specialised course for those students who want to be ready to go straight from school into the workforce, an apprenticeship, or some other field such as defence forces.

Admission to VCAL is not automatic. Students need to prove through Year 10 that they have the commitment and talent to be able to complete the project-based and workplace-based learning tasks.

So, we celebrate with Blake, and all our graduates who move into the fields for which they are gifted. We work with all our students to help them discover and develop their God-given gifts for a life of service to the Lord in their society.

David Gleeson