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12 Aug

Celebrating Multicultural Day

The whole College was abuzz with activity and vibrant costumes last week as we celebrated the many nationalities of our students and families.  Run over two days for Primary and Secondary students, Multicultural Day has grown year by year as the students and staff share their heritage through classroom study and special incursions. The event is a wonderful expression of how unique God has made each of us, and how we all come together to be part of one community.

The primary classes each chose a country of interest to study, with some classes integrating the country into all their classes from the start of term 3. Each class set up a display that included facts about their country such as traditional food, language, population, capital city and interesting facts. The students could dress up from any country on Multicultural Day and bring in a dish of any cuisine.

Each student was given a passport which included a page from each country in primary and classes travelled through each classroom during each session answering questions in the passport that were studied. If students could answer the series of questions related to that country, they received a stamp. Classes spent a session sharing information about either their costume or food so that others could understand what it was or where the costume was from.

Primary students also spent one session in a traditional Chinese dance and arts incursion. They learnt a few words in Chinese and watched a few basic dance moves with traditional fans before performing in groups. They loved it! Even the year 5 and 6 boys were overheard saying how fun it was! We also had 14 Japanese students visiting from Covenant College in Geelong as a day trip for them and a chance for us to use our Japanese and hospitality skills. They participated in touring the classrooms and eating lunch with us.


The primary students looked fantastic in their Multicultural Day costumes last week! Each class was able to share dishes from around the world and some were excited to find a new favourite food, like Vegemite and croquettes!

Tamara Drenovski, Primary Specialist Teacher (Japanese)


Here at Melton Christian College we are extremely blessed with many diverse cultures and we celebrated them last week by sharing in traditional meals and dressing up in cultural costumes. We ended the day with a special assembly which showcased our talented students in musical and dance performances as well as welcoming visiting students from Japan!

Namrayta Shipstone, HaSS & LOTE Faculty Team Leader