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16 Dec

Christmas is Coming

Christmas is coming; it’s always so exciting!

Of course, as a Christian school we LOVE Christmas. Ok, maybe it is a bit overcommercialised in the shops, but we don’t live in the shops; we create our own Christmas in our homes and in our hearts. Christmas food is wonderful, the traditions are beautiful, and the convention of gift-giving reminds us of Jesus who came as a baby and gave Himself as a gift for us.

Christmas symbols are significant too. They have wonderful meanings and often those meanings are interwoven. For example, there are several symbols in our Christmas trees. We choose an evergreen conifer. Many people still go to the trouble of getting a real pine tree; ah, the whole house smells beautiful with that pine-aroma wafting through. Even in Aussie heat, the evergreenness of a conifer reminds us of everlasting life because of Christ.

On top of our tree we balance a star or an angel. All Christmas stars represent that special star of the first Christmas at Bethlehem. That first Christmas star showed the wise ones how to find their way to Jesus. Our Christmas stars also symbolize that the baby Jesus came because He is the light of the world and is a shining hope to all people.

Angels on our Christmas trees represent God’s messengers. Angels appeared to people when the Saviour was born, telling them to hurry and meet the miracle baby.

From our team of staff at the College, we wish our students, you their parents, and your whole families a wonderful Christmas where the meanings of the symbols enhance your homes and hearts.

David Gleeson