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16 Jul

Every Challenge is an Opportunity

Primary Teachers at Melton Christian College have the privilege to teach and care for students in a Christ-centred environment. This year, the coronavirus interrupted normality and teachers abruptly had to “change gear” and upskill in several different areas to continue to provide excellence in teaching and learning. Creativity and flexibility were essential as our staff faced an unknown and unfamiliar path.

One of our teachers, Terri Naude, has known her fair share of challenges in life. She has taught in South Africa with limited technology and in New Zealand and Australia with abundant technological resources. She believes children are at the heart of Christ-centered education, and for her, teaching is a calling. Years in education have made her value young people and their potential. She believes that every child can learn and that learning takes varied forms and is as individual as the children themselves.

During the last online learning experience, Terri overcame the challenges of using technology such as Canvas and creating PowerPoints with voice-overs. She would imagine her students’ faces when creating PowerPoints and challenged herself to make the learning experiences as interesting, varied and engaging as possible. She wanted them to encounter success (the great motivator), to increase and improve attitudes to learning. Terri believes that online learning provides many opportunities…but of course it will never replace interacting with students face to face. Parents and teachers alike need to remain resilient and positive and work together for the sake of our children in these difficult times.

Jill Monnik, Prep-2 Coordinator