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26 Oct

Deakin Oration

Our College was recently afforded an amazing opportunity for two students and one teacher to attend the annual Deakin Oration event at the Victorian Parliament House.  

Given their passion for law and service to the College in their capacity as key Student Senate members, both Sobur Dhieu and Chantelle Calonge were selected to attend with our Head of Curriculum, Mrs Kristie Barber.

The Deakin Oration is an annual presentation at Parliament House honouring Australia’s second Prime Minister and Victorian MP, Alfred Deakin, and giving a contemporary context to the issues he was interested in during his parliamentary career. It is an opportunity to hear from a prominent Victorian about a topical issue.

This year's speaker was Associate Professor Tilman Ruff AM.Dr Ruff was the founding co-chair of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN), which started as a grassroots movement in Melbourne, and in 2017 he won the Nobel Peace Prize.Dr Ruff spoke about the group’s efforts in helping to achieve the United Nations Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.


"The speaker Dr Ruff presented information about the 'I can' campaign. He was a Nobel Peace Prize winner and was very insightful. The nuclear weapon ban treaty he talked about was interesting. It got you to think about the world, its' resources and how people have power to make a change. When you put his presentation into perspective and link it with faith and what God has blessed us with, it makes you want to respond in a helpful way. The key thing I took away from the presentation was how we have the ability to influence change and how we should act in a way that will preserve and protect the environment, rather than preserving and protecting the gain of power that is able to cause destruction."

"The scientific evidence gathered by Dr Ruff and his team clearly presented the undisputable and devastating effects nuclear warfare would yield. It was both confronting and compelling to Chantelle, Sobur and myself. We were troubled by the fact that our own Commonwealth parliament is yet to sign the international treaty supporting the total ban of all nuclear weapons. We were all equally troubled that God’s beautiful creation is being compromised in such devastating way. However, I am hopeful that young people such as our own Sobur and Chantelle will use their voices to advocate for God’s good intention and use their influence to challenge others to think and act for the benefit of others." - Mrs Kristie Barber