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30 Jul

A Magical Night with Aladdin JR

We entered the auditorium with feelings of excitement and anticipation, looking forward to see how this year's cast and crew were going to entertain and charm us with for the evening. Welcomed by the unmistakable aroma of freshly popped corn seeping through the air and hypnotised by the mystical lamp encased in glass we strolled down memory lane admiring by the chronologically placed, life size posters of the musicals gone by.  Reminiscing about every performance we had attended together, and how each presentation had improved on the next. We were certain that this was going to be an extra special event! Feeling like we were in Broadway, we walked the red carpet to our excellent seats, impatiently waiting for the performance to begin.

From the moment the lights were dimmed and the overture began we were transported to the mystical city of Agrabah.The Arabian palace and the glorious costumes were magnificent. The ever rotating props and sets, seamlessly moving on and off the stage stealthily by the silent behind the scenes heroes were amazing. Then there were the impressive lights and even a magical Genie lamp that mysteriously exuded smoked on cue! There was excellent sound clarity and spectacular digitally projected backdrops that enhanced the whole production, allowing the students talents to shine to their full potential. 

That brings us to the real stars of the show, the students! The pride on their faces when they executed their humorous lines perfectly, portrayed their dramatic roles seriously and performed their heartfelt scenes beautifully was clear to all who watched! Too many superb musical numbers to brag about, each one arranged and choreographed better than the next. However, the standout scene of the night when digital magic was combined with musical talent, mixed in with some clouds and a magical carpet ride was certainly the pinnacle of the whole show!

The happiness and enjoyment that radiated from the amazing stars as they completed their bows was contagious to all in the room. How lucky is MCC to have this Village of staff helpers, planting creative seeds in these children’s lives. We can clearly see these seeds blooming already and surely going to spread forever throughout their lives.

There was only one problem we could foresee with this performance…we don’t know how they will be able to improve on perfection for the next one!

Review written by Murna O’Brien & Vanessa Smith