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31 Jul

Deep Hope for Learning

It shouldn’t surprise you that our team is deeply passionate about…teaching and learning…!

Our teachers are committed learners. We are curious. We ask questions. We reflect. We wonder. We imagine. We Hope.

We are curious about God’s creation and all its parts. And we invite students to be curious learners about creation too. We ask probing questions to uncover assumptions and biases. We do this so we can be better leaders of learning in our classroom communities

We reflect on our practices with the objective to hone our craft. We do this so each student in our care is included in the learning journey.

We wonder about each student‘s gifts, and how we can contribute to the formation of their character. We imagine rich learning experiences, and we invite students to imagine what they want their learning to look like, feel like and sounds like too, and we hope; deeply.

Some of our teachers have recently been reflecting on their Deep Hope for their learners - your children. Deep Hope extends further than the intellectual knowledge and understanding students develop as they progress through a unit of work and towards an academic learning goal. Deep Hope is more than the application of  kills students practise until they get the hang of it, or even become a master.

“...Aim comes out of program…it is task-oriented. Deep Hope comes out of a different story…Deep Hope is about more who we were made to be…” – Darryl De Boer (The Curious Christian Teacher Podcast, 2020).

Deep Hope is a clear idea or vision a teacher has for their learners’ formation that helps shape their identity in Christ and their role in God’s story. Deep Hope shapes a student’s holistic formation: head, heart and hand.

Some Deep Hopes your children’s teachers have shared are:
• “It is my Deep Hope that my students’ compassion will increase.”
• “It is my Deep Hope that my students will develop and express their own ideas with more condence.”
• “It is my Deep Hope that my students will become more curious beings.”
• “It is my Deep Hope that my students will continue to learn with a good attitude.”

Deep Hope shapes our teaching practices:
• We design opportunities for students’ compassion to flourish and be outworked.
• We carefully frame questions to empower students to find their voices and express themselves with confidence.
• We present students with dilemmas to wonder upon and wrestle with to cultivate curiosity.
• We design learning experiences that are accessible for all students in our care to continue nurturing their positive approach to learning.

At Melton Christian College, we are committed to learning – for God’s glory and His purposes. We are curious. We ask questions. We reflect. We wonder. We imagine. And we hope - deeply.

What is your Deep Hope for your child?

Kristie Barber
Head of Teaching & Learning