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Year 10 Camp



When students look back on the school year, one of the moments that always sticks out is the yearly camp. This year’s camp was no exception. When we first heard the details of the camp, as usual, there was a level of excitement surrounding it. But some, including myself, were a bit skeptical about what we may be doing. We went into the experience completely blind, aside from a couple Google searches and the little information our teachers had given us. Coming away from this camp I and many others have a completely different perspective on our city and those that reside within it.

We went on walks and participated in workshops hosted by Intersection, of which completely opened our eyes to ideas we hadn’t bothered to explore before. Just a simple walk around a few streets in the CBD was enough to get us all thinking about the marginalised communities in our city that we would usually just ignore. Through the workshops, we were able to get to know our classmates on a level we may have not done normally, learning new perspectives and gaining new skills that we may have never gained in the classroom. We all took away at least one valuable lesson and I hope future classes of Year 10s will be able to do the same thing.
Ashley Grech, Year 10A